Åke Nordin’s luxury brand Fjällräven

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Fjällräven was born out of one man’s vision: a vision to make nature easily accessible to more people.

Åke Nordin was born in Örnsköldsvik, on Sweden’s High Coast, in 1936. Combining rolling hills, deep forests as well as protected coast it was the ideal play ground for a young, interested Åke. And also it got on one of his numerous adventures that the seed for Fjällräven was planted, deep in Åke’s mind.

The suggestion occurred out of need: to develop a knapsack that engulfed equipment, but sat comfortably on his back. Åke new there must be a method. With his mom’s sewing device and also his papa’s tools, Åke produced a wooden-framed backpack in his cellar. And with it, the seed was attached. Ten years later, in 1960, because same basement, Åke established Fjällräven and also launched his initial product up for sale. Guess what is was? Yep, a knapsack; this time with an aluminium structure.

Throughout the 1960s and 70s, sustained by Åke’s stubborn belief that there need to constantly be a means– a functional remedy– the Fjällräven product range broadened significantly, with tents, resting bags, coats and trousers. The Greenland Coat, the Expedition Down Coat as well as the Kånken knapsack verified to be specifying items. Virtually every other Swede, from serious traveler to enthusiastic nature fan, used as well as trusted Fjällräven.

The 80s and 90s were more regarding geographical development. Trekking through nature, going gradually, bring whatever you need on your back while enjoying every step, should not just be something for Swedes. First we expanded throughout Scandinavia, after that additionally afield in Europe. However it wasn’t enough for Åke to just use the clothes as well as tools to venture out in nature. His desire was to really enable individuals to go out there. He desired more individuals to travel through the wilderness; since the even more people experience nature, the most likely they are to care for it. And once more, he recognized there must be a means. His desire became a reality in 2005 with the launch of Fjällräven Classic: a 110km-long trip with northern Sweden.

As well as with nature being so important to us, below at Fjällräven, we’ve placed an increasing number of focus on sustainable growth; to create on nature’s terms. Because the brand-new millennium, we’ve introduced Eco-Shell, our Down Assurance and also the Fjällräven Way– our Standard Procedure.

After that in 2017 we ended up being very timeless. We went back to where Åke initially drew ideas, the Swedish hills, to produce our mountaineering collection: Bergtagen. As well as now, in 2018, we’re reviewing that very first defining item, the Greenland Jacket and the collection it created, to create Greenland Updated.

But whether we’re looking forward, in reverse or sidewards for ideas, we’re constantly moving towards a common objective. Enabling as well as inspiring more people to experience nature was Åke’s vision and also we currently make it our goal. Nature remains in our DNA. We merely can’t deviate from it. Without it, we would certainly be nothing. It is our past, present and future. It’s our for life.