Good reasons for learning French

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  1. A world language

Greater than 300 million individuals speak French on the 5 continents. The OIF, a worldwide organisation of French-speaking countries, makes up 88 member States as well as governments. French is the second most widely found out international language after English, as well as the fifth most commonly spoken language on the planet.

French is additionally the only language, alongside English, that is instructed in every country in the world. France runs the biggest worldwide network of cultural institutes, which run French-language programs for close on a million students.

  1. A language for the global task market

The ability to speak French and English is an advantage on the international job market. A knowledge of French unlocks of French business in France and also various other French-speaking parts of the world. As one of the world’s biggest economies and a leading location for foreign financial investment, France is an essential financial partner.

  1. The language of culture

French is the global language of cooking, fashion, theater, the visual arts, dance and design. An understanding of French deals access to fantastic works of literary works in the original French, as well as films and tracks. French is the language of Victor Hugo, Molière, Léopold Sendar Senghor, Edith Piaf, Jean-Paul Sartre, Alain Delon and also Zinedine Zidane!

  1. A language for traveling

France is the globe’s leading tourist destination and brings in more than 87 million site visitors a year. The ability to talk also a little French makes it a lot extra enjoyable to see Paris and also all the areas of France, as well as supplies understandings right into France’s society and also way of living. French additionally comes in convenient when travelling to French-speaking parts of the globe.

  1. A language for college

Speaking French opens opportunities to examine at distinguished French universities as well as service institutions, rated among the top greater education and learning organizations in Europe as well as the world.

  1. The other language of international relations

French is both a functioning language and also an official language of the United Nations, the European Union, UNESCO, NATO, the International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross and worldwide courts. French is the language of the three cities where the EU establishments are headquartered: Strasbourg, Brussels and Luxembourg.

  1. A language that opens up the globe

A capacity to recognize French offers accessibility to an alternative view of the world. You can adhere to French thinkers and also leaders from around the world as well as information from the leading French-language global media (e.g., TV5Monde, France 24 and also Radio France Internationale).

  1. A language that is enjoyable to learn

French is an easy language to learn. There are numerous techniques on the market that make discovering French delightful for youngsters and also grownups alike.

  1. A language for discovering various other languages

French is a great base for discovering various other languages, especially Romance languages (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese as well as Romanian) as well as English, considering that a significant percent of English vocabulary is originated from French.

  1. The language of love as well as factor

Most importantly, discovering French is the satisfaction of discovering a stunning, abundant, melodious language that is often called the language of love. French is also an analytical language that frameworks believed and creates essential thinking, which is an useful ability for conversations as well as settlements.