11 Plus (11+) Exam Help

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Short Introduction To The 11 Plus

The 11 plus exam is the collective rap for the picky entry exams for grammar schools across the UK.

You will find 4 core disciplines:

English Comprehension


Spoken Reasoning

Non-Verbal Reasoning

The addition of all or perhaps several of these disciplines vary from school to college. There might additionally be an extra writing exam. The 11+ exam is generally consumed the September of year six, so in case the kid of yours is in years four or perhaps five – or perhaps in case they have only started year three – right now may be the time period to begin contemplating how you can make them most efficiently.

The involvement of yours as a parent will significantly impact your child’s likelihood of success. Within this article, we will explain some crucial points of 11 plus help in Buckinghamshire that you should be conscious of additionally to giving some tips according to what we have seen work nicely in the past.

  1. Research Your Target Schools

Begin by researching the schools in the area of yours to find the ideal fit for the kid of yours.

Here is a summary of factors that are important to think about when narrowing down a listing of target schools. You must use them to organise a very first, third and second choice school.

Is the college a commutable distance for the kid of yours?

During secondary school kids get much more homework and usually have much more chances to do after school activities. A very long commute might put restrictions on your child’s potential to handle. Attempt to ensure they are going to have time that is enough to keep in addition to all the school commitments of theirs at all of the target schools of theirs.

Exactly how competitive will be the school?

It is a good idea to choose a selection of schools. Several schools usually be more oversubscribed over others. Do not limit the ambitions of yours, though it is usually smart to get back up plans so the kid of yours is able to continue progressing at one other good school regardless.

Will your kid be happy?

Here is the point about the’ top schools’…. You have to think about first’ is the child of mine probably be pleased at this particular school?’ The best schools includes a number of other incredibly bright kids and the child of yours could feel considerable competition and pressure which, in turn, could dent the confidence of theirs. Confidence is important to keeping learning progress. Kids should be unafraid of visiting and making mistakes to develop intellectually and personally. Whereas, in case the kid of yours gains an area in a much less competitive school they might thrive from the self-confidence they derive from being’ a somewhat larger fish in a somewhat smaller pond’.

The kid of yours might additionally need to use a say in the forming the target schools list of yours. Listen to the preferences of theirs whilst simultaneously trying to direct them based on the research of yours and everything you believe will match them best.

Once you’ve chosen the schools you want to put on for, study the entry exams. There’s simply no standardised test for the 11+ and many schools’ exams differ slightly.

Most 11+ exams work under the GL or CEM exam boards. Nevertheless, schools in Essex often use CSSE.

There is a large amount of information on the web explaining the various types of exams for every set or school of schools. We would suggest utilizing the school guides resource of ours to discover out key admissions related dates and details – we endeavour to always keep it as current as you can throughout the entire year. The guides likewise help to consolidate all pertinent information in a single place. We hope they help you save a while and provide you with plenty of clarity.

Some other recommendations include conversing with various other parents with kids at your goal school along with the teaching staff at your child’s present school. Living fairly close by the target schools of yours, teachers and parents alike will be able to offer a number of sound advice.

  1. Start Early On Core Skills

Begin preparing the child of yours as early as you can. The sooner you begin, the greater number of time the kid of yours needs to learn, revise and become used to the 11 Plus exam design and content.

We recommend you concentrate on core abilities at first:

Reading speed plus accuracy.

Emotional maths (addition, division), multiplication and subtraction.

Vocabulary depth and breadth.

Starting early on will give the kid of yours a large edge over others since it requires repetition and persistence to create rock solid core maths & English skills.

  1. Find the best Learning Approach

Choosing the best learning approach is also essential. Here are a few options:

Modification guides

Home study programs

One-on-one tuition

Team tuition

Each approach comes with the very own sale price of its, set of drawbacks and benefits. Just one or perhaps 2 are prone to be much more reasonable for you than others. We would additionally suggest picking a minimum of 2 methods so your child’s learning experience is kept interesting and varied.

  1. How In order to Build Core Skills

A few short, playful testing could quickly compound into big growth over time. This’s additionally probably the most crucial aspect in building’ core skills’ in English and maths.

A strong foundation is going to mean the kid of yours will discover more complicated parts of the exam easier to deal with once the time comes.

Below are a few sensible tips you are able to utilize in your daily preparations: Reading speed and accuracy.

Practise reading effectively in the beginning. The far more accurately the kid of yours has the ability to comprehend the significance of any sentence or maybe question, the much better positioned they are going to be because of the 11 Plus. An excellent amount of pupils lose simple marks through poor reading errors whilst reading through questions or even looking for information. This might well seem like a clear thing to make, although you would be surprised about just how many pupils drop marks since they’ve read anything inaccurately or misinterpreted the meaning of its.

Allocate 10-15 minutes one day to read aloud with the kid of yours. This may be an extract originating from a novel, a newspaper article as well as a homework. Allow me to share a couple of things you are able to do to enable them to understand the benefits of accuracy:

When they skip words, get them on it and describe the way the small omission of theirs changes the significance of the sentence.

Ask the kid of yours to explain the significance of sentences for you in the own words of theirs.

When browsing by homework, ask the kid of yours to look at questions aloud and describe exactly what the goal of every question is before they finish the job.

The recommendation of ours is to’ do as the Romans did’ – train like it is the actual point! When you are able to concentrate on creating a proper practice for correct reading and compound this with strong exam strategy (for instance, underlining the primary key phrases inside the question) the kid of yours could help reduce the chances of theirs of making pricey careless mistakes on exam day.

Increasing Reading Speed

A simple way to create this without putting the kid of yours under undue pressure is encouraging them to read for 15 20 minutes before bed. Set a timer that is in view. If the kid of yours has a competitive streak in them, they’ll normally attempt to better the amount of pages read through the day before. Gamifying the learning experience usually helps!

Emotional maths

Start with fast addition and subtraction. You are able to do quick fire tests in the automobile; encourage the kid of yours to try and add up the price of your shopping list in the head of theirs; or even ask them to immediately workout the quantity of change you’re due.

Mastery of times tables may additionally help a kid acquire valuable minutes inside the exam. Although additional kids are adding numbers in concert to discover the multiple of theirs, the child of yours is going to know the solution off the top part of the top of theirs. Once again, which could be examined in competitive way and an enjoyable when you are spending time with them.


Attempt speaking in your kid with a vocabulary selection somewhat above the present fitness level of theirs.

An expansive vocabulary helps with each English discipline which could perhaps be tested for within the 11 Plus (comprehension, verbal reasoning and writing). Children who have a tendency to excel in the 11 Plus invariably have a broader and deeper vocabulary than the peers of theirs. They be aware of differences between words very similar in meaning and they likewise know much more words. This may be built gradually in a selection of ways:

Conversation in the food needs.

High-quality television or even video content.

Paying attention to the air.


Actively exploring unfamiliar words.

Motivate the kid of yours to question you what words mean. You may actually discover you learn a thing or perhaps 2! When asked to define a word we generally begin listing synonyms (words very similar in meaning antonyms or) (words opposite in meaning). We likewise often make a good example by utilizing the term within the context of a phrase.

When you begin making this technique a habit with the kid of yours you must attempt to persuade them to consolidate the learning of theirs by creating post it notes and flashcards on every word. Leaving these notes throughout the house will aid them review and gain consistent exposure to them frequently. This is the simplest way to help you increase the vocabulary of theirs.

An alternate way to make your child’s vocabulary is having them pay attention to The Exam Coach podcast (available on iTunes, Amazon Music), YouTube as well as Spotify. We look at a challenging piece of vocabulary each weekday morning. We define the term, use it within several contexts, antonyms and list synonyms and toss in the unusual fun fact!

Technical elements of the exam, for instance, understanding the various areas or maybe speech or maybe algebraic regulations may be acquired in the future. If your kid’s basics are solid, more complex sections of the exam is going to be well within the reach of theirs in a later date.