Why choose Soy Wax?

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We are often asked why we select to make our candle lights utilizing soy wax. People comment that soy wax items are a lot more expensive than say paraffin wax items, which holds true at stated value. If you dig a little much deeper you’ll quickly see that the financial savings come at a greater cost.

Basically, soy wax is better. Much better for the setting, far better for the house, far better for the family as well as produces a much better performing product – which is necessary to us.

Soy wax is in fact a fairly brand-new item – it was just discovered in 1991 by a lad attempting to discover an alternative a lot more economical alternative to beeswax, after that 10 times a lot more pricey than paraffin wax. Making soy wax items was a conscious choice of ours. As the name suggests, soy wax is made from the Soybean which indicates that it is 100% natural, 100% eco-friendly and 100% environmentally pleasant. By contrast paraffin wax is a bi-product of the refinery procedure for petroleum oil consequently non-renewable and also non-environmentally pleasant.

These are our top 6 factors for choosing soy wax over paraffin wax, if you recognize of any type of additional advantages or disadvantages we would certainly enjoy to hear them:

  1. Longer Burning – Soy wax has a reduced melting point which suggests it melts up to 50% longer than paraffin wax candle lights.
  2. Safe – As soy wax is made from veggie oil it is clean burning and launches no well-known carcinogens when it is scorched.
  3. Better Fragrance – As a result of the reduced melting temperature level of the wax, a healthier ‘wax pool’ around the wick is created. This ‘wax swimming pool’ enables the fragrance oils to more conveniently vaporise, as well as therefore launching more scent right into the house.
  4. Renewable energy
  • Soybeans are an eco-friendly, lasting and also an eco-friendly resource
  1. Easier to cleanse
  • Spills of soy wax is a lot easier to leave textiles or table cloths as it is biodegradable, with a straightforward wipe as well as its gone.
  1. Tidy burning – Soy burns tidy which implies marginal soot is launched.

Whilst at face value paraffin wax appears a more cost efficient alternative, it is a great concept to consider the wider price of shedding paraffin wax over soy wax.