Whiskey ice molds vs stones: Which to gift?

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Ask some whiskey lover and something is certain: They’ve strong views on how you can sip the libation of theirs of choice. Some like it neat, some choose a splash o water, and also others want it to become cooled. In case you get into the last bucket, there is even more debate regarding exactly how you need to cool down your rye or scotch.

The idea is you would like to chill down your glass without diluting the flavor.

Many drinking add-ons, like whiskey stones, claim to do just that, rendering them one of the greatest gifts to give your fave whiskey enthusiast, bartender or maybe party host. But can they be truly better compared to ice at cooling down and sustaining considered a cold heat? Obviously, we tested out a pair of whiskey stones in wooden gift box to find out for ourselves

Whiskey stones have been readily available to shop online for nearly a decade. Usually formed into small cubes, the drinking accessory is made from nonporous soapstone, which theoretically should not impact the flavor and aroma of the malt of yours. Before you pop the stones in the cup of yours, you will freeze them for no less than 4 hours.

When we tried them out for ourselves, we recognized that, while they cooled the drink of ours to begin, the general temperature was not sustained. By the 25 minute mark, our drinks have been nearing room temperature, and that is not great news in case you truly take your time enjoying and sipping your bourbons and scotches. But the moment we discovered about the thermodynamics behind the stones, that made sense.

The procedure for chilling some drink requires transferring the heating from the beverage on the cool object as ice and, in this particular situation, the whiskey stones. An ice cube is going to absorb the heating from the whiskey, which leads to it to melt. The melted ice subsequently cools the fluid around it. Nevertheless, because the whiskey stones do not melt when in the drink, they simply absorb the heating on the whiskey, making the stones warmer. The stones might stop cooling the drink of yours.

In case you are still worried about just how ice is going to affect the flavor of the drink of yours, it may comfort you to understand that lots of industry experts drink the whiskey of theirs with water (normally by utilizing a dropper to include small amounts of water). That is because a splash of water in fact prepares the nuanced flavors of scotch. A little added ice water in this situation is going to make the taste that much better.

We will consume to that.