What are water bottle handbags?

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The mom of yours has lectured you time and time again on the benefits of consuming 8 glasses of drinking water one day, and absolutely no, chugging a venti iced coffee from Starbucks does not count. What is a much better reminder to drink H20 than strapping your favorite 17oz bottle to the side of yours like an accessory? As it happens, water bottle handbags are here to do that. Your New Year’s goal of staying hydrated in 2021 has become much easier than ever before.

Unsurprisingly, Chanel led the pack in the Water bottle with carrier tote bag action with the Lambskin of its Quilted CC bag in the Cruise of its 2020 line (which you are able to still snag on Fashionphile for a great $4,895 dollars). Not a long time after, the craze carried on during Fall/Winter 2020 Fashion Month when models as Jacquemus, Marine Serre, Chloe, and Kenzo each provided their very own assumes the bottle bag trend. And most recently on the Spring/Summer 2021 runways, the impetus was still going strong. Water bottle bags had taken on numerous forms; for example, Fendi showed a raffia tote with a matching water bottle holder. And rather than a carrier, Givenchy launched a luxe silver engraved logo bottle right into a bag by merely adding leather straps on the sides of it (shown below).

Melissa Morris, founding father of Metier London, thinks water bottle bags have grown to be a preferred product because of the mix of the present lockdown as well as the improved focus on sustainability. But for her, the inspiration to create the bag was in response to requests from clients and friends, which she says many of her designs originate from. “They love to tell me a problem to find a solution for,” she says. “In this case I met my friend, Isabelle Kountoure from the Financial Times, for a walk when lockdown eased in London and she asked me to make this for her.” Morris immediately loved the idea, and during their walk when it started to rain, she has another genius thought: the bags should hold an umbrella, too. In turn, the label’s chic Water Bottle Holder fits both daily necessities wonderfully.

Furthermore, Allison Hoeltzel Savini, founding father of Officina del Poggio, thinks the emerging bag pattern might be in part from customers making much more mindful choices in terminology of fashion. “Fashion companies have realized these eco conscious practices of customers so obviously it is practical to develop a solution which is attractive to them,” she says. The emblem was arguably among the very first to put out a water bottle bag. “We launched the very first Bottle Bag in August 2019 included in a sustainable capsule collection with [model] Arizona Muse,” states Savini. Much like Metier London, the concept to release bottle bags for Officina del Poggio originated from an individual need. “I kept forgetting the reusable bottle of mine and then hated to buy clear plastic bottles of water when on the go.” Arizona told the founder she must create a bag for the bottle of her, thus, she did.