Reasons to make the switch to solid shampoo bars

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Switching to solid shampoo bars and also sound conditioner bars appears to be all of the rage today.

Perhaps you have been contemplating making the move from liquid shampoo? Or perhaps, are you already a great shampoo bar convert who wishes to persuade family and friends to come on board?

There are various motives why everybody can gain from changing over to solid shampoo bars. They are better for the hair of yours, the overall health of yours, the wallet of yours and the planet of yours.

Do not maintain your curiosity bottled up any more, check out our list:

  1. Plastic free solid shampoo is much more sustainable compared to recycling

A lot of us believe that moving over to a plastic totally free strong shampoo bar is no more sustainable compared to persistent recycling…Don’t be tricked!

Shockingly, just 9 % of all of the plastic that has been made have been recycled.

As use and production of plastic goes on to soar, the planet of ours and oceans are starting to be much more saturated by this poisonous material. Actually, we calculate that a female is apt wear between 420 and 500 bottles of shampoo/ conditioner throughout the life of her. Which adds approximately a scary level of plastic.

Based on green charity Surfers Against Sewage, clear plastic bottles last for aproximatelly 450 years in the marine environment. They never completely decompose either, therefore the old shampoo bottle of yours will ultimately decay into microscopic pieces which will stay in the drinking water system of ours.

To use clear plastic no cost solid shampoo bars and conditioner bars is among the simplest ways to avoid the.

  1. Switching to solid shampoo bars are going to make the hair of yours healthier

Do you want better, softer and silkier hair?

Solid shampoo bars and also sound conditioner bars are as nourishing for your hair and head as they’re because of the planet.

Good quality solid shampoo bars and conditioner bars contain natural skin oils which strengthen hair health and strength. We utilize ingredients like:

Cocoa butter
Chia seed

These plant based ingredients are much gentler on the scalp of yours, as compared to the strong chemicals in traditional bottles of liquid shampoo and conditioner.

Lots of people discover that the hair of theirs feels softer and looks shinier whenever they move to our nutrient packed solid shampoo bars plus conditioner bars.

  1. Cut costs whenever you change to solid shampoo bars

Would you love to be thrifty? An individual solid shampoo bar or maybe conditioner bar will last 2 3 times longer compared to the liquid counterpart of its.

Do you think you’re hesitant? The main reason solid shampoo bars are a great deal more economical is they are made from concentrated, active ingredients.

Bottled shampoos are 80 90 % water. That means you are paying out a great deal for basic H20. If you move to a good shampoo bar, the shower of yours is going to be enough.

All of this accumulates for you spending much less, enjoying healthier hair and creating a better future for the earth. That is a very great deal.

  1. Switch to solid shampoo bars in case you would like traveling light

Jetting off with hand luggage just can look like a fantastic idea until…

The dreaded airport security check. For starters there is fumbling with tiny toiletries and plastic bags. Next, obviously, there is the anxiety about the infamous mid flight shampoo explosion. Are not holidays intended to be relaxing?

You are able to see exactly where we are going with this, but changing over to good shampoo bars and also sound conditioner bars does make everything quicker, cleaner and much more carefree.

A good shampoo bar will:

Enable you to sail through airport security much more smoothly
Take up less weight and space in the bag of yours, which means you are able to bring that book you have been meaning to read
Eliminate the need of yours to buy miniature plastic toiletries
Never ever spill because… it is solid
Enable you to remain plastic totally free on the travels of yours
Keep the hair of yours feeling and looking well on the holiday of yours, regardless of what the water’s like

  1. Lower the carbon footprint of yours by switching to plastic-made free shampoo

Keen to bring down the carbon footprint of yours? You are able to start in the morning shower of yours.

The organic substances that get into plastic totally free shampoo bars and conditioner bars are much less refined and also handled than anyone in an ordinary bottle of shampoo.

What this means is that if you move to a plastic totally free shampoo bar, you will stay away from lots of carbon heavy manufacturing. To not mention you will not be accountable for all of the power it takes to produce one more polluting plastic bottle.

Because clear plastic free solid shampoo bars likewise occupy less space and also keep going longer, transporting them equals less road miles for much more showers. Hence, you are able to actually clean that Co2 right out of the hair style of yours.