Benefits of using Reusable & Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags

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Long gone are the occasions of plastic 1 use shopping bags, after the stable most of most shops across the nation. Though the clear plastic bag tax was enforced in 2015 and since there continues to be a ninety % decrease in using clear plastic bags, with buyers and retailers as well rather purchasing eco-friendly and reusable bags. What about the majority of the blog site, we will check out what the environmental, practical and economic benefits reusable and also eco friendly shopping bags offer both you and the buyers of yours.


It’s obvious that at its very core the purpose of a bag is usually to be useful, and also for shopping bags which useful purpose to make certain the safe transportation of our shopping, whether it is a food store to a little bit of window shopping in the favorite retail outlet of ours. And reusable shopping bags give you a whole host of useful advantages.

Firstly, eco-friendly and reusable shopping bags provide the clients of yours with a significantly sturdier and more powerful option than the existing plastic bag. They will not rip whether they become caught on anything, and as a result of the more powerful material ensure it is unlikely of breaks when you have filled your shopping bag to bursting point.
Because of the use of substances like cotton, reusable bags usually have ergonomic handles, making it possible for you to quickly carry the bags of yours with discomfort, regardless of what the excess weight.
Though generally bigger in dimension compared to older disposable plastic bags, because you just have to have one or maybe 2 reusable bags, which can conveniently be folded, they will really occupy less space in your customer’s homes, than the fifty plastic bags they work with to store in a drawer or perhaps cupboard somewhere.
And in case you’ve a funky and cool logo and colour scheme a well designed reusable and eco friendly can be a fashion accessory for the clients of yours, making certain your brand is seen anywhere they go.


The clear plastic bag tax increased the price of clear plastic bags for both shopper and merchant, making buying reusable bags much more appealing.

The everyday person over the lifetime of theirs is going to use 13,000 bags that are plastic, moreover today with a 5p cost, which passes over a £650 spend on clear plastic bags.
In comparison, the typical recyclable bag cost between 50p – £1 but has a lifetime of around 500 clear plastic bags, which means you are able to pass on a minimum saving of £624 to the clients of yours. Because even in case they purchased a brand new reusable bag every 500 uses for £1, it’d just cost them £26 for the whole of the lifestyle of theirs.
Exactly why is this critical? Your clients are constantly trying to cut costs wherever they are able to, therefore being ready to illustrate to them this significant cost saving, you are able to certainly make them happy.


The largest variety of benefits because of the decision to shift to providing eco-friendly and reusable bags over the standard plastic bag is produced by the environmental impact. What about an era of social networking where one damaging event are able to easily spread as wildfire across the internet plus really harm your business’ reputation, something you are able to do to safeguard and benefit the earth is a great action.

Every year plastic rubbish causes millions of wildlife death from birds to sea animals.
Clear plastic bags are able to take anywhere from fifteen years to a substantial 1,000 years to decompose, which means they’ve a long lasting impact on the planet.
Whereas eco-friendly bags are created from a multitude of readily biodegradable materials like jute and fabric.

So, there you’ve ten wonderful reasons to use eco-friendly and reusable bags and benefit the business of yours and the customers of yours. Precisely why not browse our full selection of eco-friendly and reusable bags now and locate the ideal option for your small business needs.