Drone Videography: The Top 8 Benefits

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Drone videography is now probably the hottest trend in event advertising since the start of social media. Worker bees would be the most effective way to stand (or fly) above the group as well as produce a buzz (two drone puns in a single sentence!). Utilizing drone footage before, during, and after an event is able to get your online marketing initiatives on the new level.

From interior conferences to outdoor festivals, drones could be utilized for marketing and entertainment purposes for almost any event you host!

So what are you able to do with drone videography to improve your event online marketing and experience?

The 2 super unique shots of a drone
Aerial photos

Prior to the application of business drones, the sole method to create an aerial shot was renting a helicopter along with licensed pilot, send them up to the atmosphere at the best time, then make an effort to bring some quick shots. Plus, you would need to log the flight programs of yours as well as obtain permits together with the community. Not merely is this particular costly with a really high-cost to entry for businesses, though additionally, it uses up a lot of time and information – while perhaps disrupting the integrity of the event itself.

Drones make aerial shots a great deal easier, a great deal better quality, and many smaller of a price.
Movements shots

Drone videography is particularly well known for activities which have a great deal of action that is quick, like sporting events. You are able to buy a drone close to the activity without being in the right way, and yes it is able to go as well as fly on the court or maybe field right alongside the players. This becomes better compared to a photographer can, while enabling movies along with pictures at exactly the same period.
How you can utilize drone videography for event marketing

Fly the drone of yours up into the environment to buy a bird’s eye view of anything taking place during the event (or maybe post-production or pre-). This captures the entire experience in an attention grabbing means that the audience of yours will adore.
Live stream the event as it is taking place. Some worker bees have live streaming abilities, which means you are able to really film the event from a selection of perspectives to obtain a super immersive video, that the followers of yours in the home is able to enjoy even in case they could not succeed with the event. Live streaming also works good to show on monitors to offer attendees a broader and fuller experience. **
Show the behind the scenes as you are getting prepared for the occasion. Aerial photographs of a phase actually being put together or maybe a production currently being made could be an excellent way to produce excitement prior to the event.
Take aerial photographs or even close up shots you are able to use in advertising materials for the following event. Professional photography elevates the perceived quality of an event, and so the next time around you are able to attract a lot more clients (and perhaps at a better price point).
Put the drone in the show of yours! You are able to fly drones around together with the entertainment, or you are able to employ them to assist event attendees see some other areas of the point or maybe venue for a uniquely immersive experience.
Clearly show an overview of most of the things you are giving. For instance, at a music festival, you are able to fly a drone over the area showing several phases and audiences at one time.
Drone videography is effective to spotlight a sponsor’s participation in an event. You are able to work with the drone photos to show where sponsor’s booth is, where most of their signs are, and the way they are participating. This works particularly well in case you are not applying the event yourself but wish to produce a sizzle reel of all the involvement of yours.

**Utilize drone videography in tandem with frequent live streaming movies on social networking for event announcements to truly get folks looking forward to what is taking place.

Some other uses of drones for the event of yours
Area spotting

Searching for the best spot to host an event? It is difficult to get a concept of a complete property or space by simply walking the grounds or checking out a map. Flying your drone over the home is able to provide you with a much better feeling of what it really is like, and also you are able to and then take the footage returned to the staff of yours for approval and debate. You will receive an aerial view of the room, plus you are able to also shoot hard-to-see areas for better mapping and planning.

You are able to and then also employ those drone shots to manage the event having an exhaustive discuss where everything is within the area.
How you can use drone videography for the event of yours

Drones produce good quality footage and pictures, while saving you money and time compared to many other conventional video forms. With limitless versatility, you are able to do something from live streaming drone footage to adding worker bees in the show!

Curious how drone videography could possibly work for your event online marketing? Need to get the best out of the event of yours for entertainment and marketing? Contact the team of ours to see several of our fan favorite drone shots we have used for events. We are pleased to support you brainstorm ideas for the way drones along with other hot tech takes the event of yours on the new level!